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Lenny Salvagno

Dr. Lenny Salvagno, Laurea, PhD

Postdoctoral Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow (MSCA-IF)


Principal Investigator for the project Sus.Post-med (grant agreement 842616)


Kaulbachstrasse 37 III
D-80539 Munich

Raum: 313

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Honorary Research Fellow at the Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield, Minalloy House, 10-16 Regent Street, Sheffield, S1 3NJ, United Kingdom.

Research priorities:

• Changes in pig husbandry during the transition between Late Medieval and Early Modern period in England and Bavaria;
• Animal husbandry in the Iron and Bronze age in northern Italy;
• Sheep and goat identification;
• English medieval husbandry;
• ‘Special’ assemblages;
• Statistics and Geometric Morphometrics;
• Isotope analysis.

Research projects:

• Tracking the path of the Agricultural Revolution from England to Continental Europe: changes in pig husbandry from the Late Medieval to Early Modern period as a marker of socio-economic transformation;
• From pannage to sty keeping: a multi-methodological approach to the study of pig husbandry changes during the Late Medieval - Early Modern transition in England;
• The neglected goat: a methodological approach to the understanding of the role of this species in English Medieval husbandry;


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